Japan Jewellery Fair - JJF 2018 28-30 August, 2018 Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centerm East Hall 5-6 10:00-18:00


  VIP invitation Service Social Media Advertisement International & Local VIP Buyer Programme - Cash incentive for hotel accommodations
Deadline 13 July 13 July 13 July
Detail We will send out free VIP invitation with VIP badge to your important buyers. Your product photos will be shown on the official Facebook, Instagram, LINE and Twitter etc. Please send the photos or company logos to the organiser by email. Please offer this programme to your VIPs in order to get cash incentives for hotel accommodation.
  Fashion Shows Private Seminar Lucky Draw Sponsorship
Deadline 13 July 13 July 13 July


Detail Enhance your appearance in JJF and increase your sales by joining the fashion shows.
Beautiful models wearing nice dress and putting on your products will be on stage!
  • The Coupon will be distributed to visitors at the registration counter. You can promote your products by the coupon free of charge!
You can use this opportunity to become a Lucky Draw sponsor to promote your booth and your products.
  Coupon for visitors DM enclosed service Digital Signage
Deadline 13 July 13 July 13 July
Fee ¥100,000 / 30 min. Send to the local VIP buyers:¥100,000
Onsite distribution to the overseas VIP buyers:¥150,000
Entrance Hall ¥100,000
VIP Lounge ¥200,000
Detail Educate the industry about your company products and services by having a 30-minute presentation slot. Your advertisement or official letter will be enclosed with the JJF invitation and will be delivered to VIP buyers by using organiser’s database. Your product photo or company logo will be shown by the digital signage at the entrance or VIP lounge.
This is a good opportunity to promote your product to many visitors!
  Directional Signage to the Hall Light Box
(Illuminations billboard)
Catalogue Racks
Deadline 13 July 13 July 13 July
Sponsor -- -- 10 Companies
Fee ¥100,000


Detail Sponsor the directional signage to the exhibition hall.
Help the visitors find their way to the exhibition hall while maximising your exposure.

1,200mm(H) × 1,800mm(W)
Put your company’s logo and name on neon signs at the entrance area or VIP lounge.
  • Grab the visitors’ interest by setting your product catalogues on the rack at the entrance.
    This is an excellent opportunity to expose your company to visitors.
  Banner on Official Website Floor Map Advertisement Official Guide Book / Overseas VIP Buyers' Guide Book
Deadline 13 July 13 July 13 July
Sponsor 5 Companies 10 Companies --
Fee (1) ¥100,000
Banner design and production NOT included
(2) ¥150,000
Banner design and production INCLUDED.
¥150,000 ¥100,000~¥300,000
Detail Your ad will be shown for 2 months untill the fair starts.
Size : 200 x 60 pixels landscape (prefered maximum size 17K)
Format : GIF, JPG or source code
Have your advertisement on the printed floor maps -folded and included in the official event catalogue.

size : 80mmX80mm
4 Colours
Official Guide Book of Japan Jewellery Fair will be published and distributed to visitors during the exhibition. And Overseas VIP Buyers' Guide Book will be distributed to the overseas VIP Buyers coming from China, Taiwan and any other countries. Your advertisement will generate traffic to your booth and enable future business opportunities ! (P.93)
  PR Board Reception Party Sponsor Visitor Badge Lanyards
Deadline 13 July 13 July 13 July
Sponsor 4 Companies 1 Company 1 Company
Fee ¥150,000 ¥1,000,000 Ask the organiser for detail
Detail Great Effect of promotion by PR Board inside the exhibition hall.

* Please contact the Organiser for details.
* Please restock by yourself (A4 Size) when they run out
Reception Party Sponsor can get a chance to show your company logo on the party stage back-drop as well as party tickets to be distributed to all guests. You will also have space to have a presentation of your products and services, and tables for your own use inside the party room. This is the best chance to promote your company to exhibitors and a lot of VIPs invited in the party ! Have your logo printed on the lanyards - worn by every attendee at the event.
  Visitor Badges
Deadline 13 July
Sponsor 1 Company
Fee Ask the organiser for detail
Detail Visitors will wear your company's name for three full days! Let us print your company's name or logo on the visitor badges that every visitor will be wearing.

* All prices introduced in this information do not include 8% consumption tax.

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