Japan Jewellery Fair - JJF 2016 1-3 September, 2016 Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centerm East Hall 4-5 10:00-18:00

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See you next year!! 28,29,30  August 2017 Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centre - East Hall 5&6 Tokyo, Japan
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JJF2016 the Venue

JJA JEWELLERY DESIGN AWORDS 2016 1 September 12:50-14:00 Woman of the Year - Ms. Aya Ueto Chrismad Jewelley Fashion Show 2016 Bridal Jewelley Fashion Show 2016

Here’s why overseas buyers now come to Japan to buy jewellery

・Competitive Prices ・Top Quality ・Flexible OEM Services ・High Level of Trust
Japan’s Fine Jewellery & Pearls - Competitive Prices and Superior Quality

The Japan pavilions for both jewellery and pearls attract the biggest number of visitors at the Hong Kong jewellery fairs. Overseas buyers go there because they know they can get good designs, good quality, and good prices! If you visit JJF, you will be able to meet many more Japanese suppliers that you’ll never met at the fairs outside Japan!

Quality of Design: Edgy and Commercial Designs Create the Trend!

You can get the latest jewellery trends and designs at JJF. A wide range of jewellery, from daily use to high end, are sure to grab your attention as “made in Japan sophisticated jewellry”. The “Fashion Jewellery Zone,” which was launched last year, will be a showcase of fashion-oriented jewellery and the “Qual ity Design Zone” wi l l feature outstanding qual it y jewel lery. In addition, Japanese manufacturers can provide you with quality and flexible OEM services for small-lot production to meet all your needs.

Re-Styled Jewellery Pavilion will be under the Spotlight! - The Splendor of Fine Jewellery Lasts Forever!

Re-styled jewellery, a thriving business trend in Japan, has become a significant market segment. Jewellery companies re-purchase jewellery from consumers and remodel or remak them for resale. You can meet many of the leading companies in this field and source high quality products at extremely competitive prices at the“ Re-Styled Jewellery Pavilion” in JJF!

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