Japan Jewellery Fair - JJF 2017 28-30 August, 2017 Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centerm East Hall 5-6 10:00-18:00



Quality Design Zone

A special pavilion designed for buyers around the world who are looking for “Top Quality,” “Top Design,” and “Top Credibility.”

Quality Design Zone Booth

Bridal Jewellery Zone

Bridal Jewellery Zone Booth

Because of their strong tradition of working with platinum jewellery, Japanese jewellery manufacturers have played a leading role in processing techniques for platinum and have been at the forefront of producing high-quality bridal jewellery. The Bridal Jewellery Zone is a showcase of exclusive collections of advanced designs which reflect the latest market trends not only in Japan but in other Asian countries.

Japan Pearl Pavilion

Japan Pearl Pavilion Booth

The Japan Pearl Pavilion attracts a high level of attention from overseas buyers because of the large number of Japanese loose pearl dealers and pearl jewellery manufacturers that you will never met at any other jewellery fair.

Designers & Craftsmen Pavilion

Designers & Craftsmen Pavilion Booth

A showcase of one-of-a-kind jewellery designs where you are guaranteed to find something that will satisfy even the most individualistic consumer.

Re-Styled Jewellery Pavilion

Re-Styled Pavilion Booth

Re-styled jewellery, a thriving business trend in Japan, has become a significant market segment. Jewellery companies re-purchase jewellery from consumers and remodel or remake them for resale. You can meet many of the leading companies in this field and source high quality products at extremely competitive prices at the “Re-Styled Jewellery Pavilion” in JJF!

Group Pavilion

Group Pavilion Booth

ICA Pavilion, Artisan Village, Atelier group Yamanami, Jewellery Town OKACHIMACHI Pavilion, JEWELERS CLUB CERES, ZHO Pavilion, Tokyo Gem Dealers, Japan Jewellery Designers Association(JJDA) Pavilion, Japan Pearl Export And Processing Co-Operative Association, Japan Jewelers Association Group Pavilion, PROJECT F, JAPAN PRECIOUS METAL CHAIN MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION

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