JJA Jewellery Design Awards 2019

"The JJA Jewellery Design Award" is the most important jewellery design competition in Japan.

Beautiful models will be on stage along with the award winning jewellery. This prestigious award is hosted each year by the Japan Jewellery Association.

The award-winning jewellery items will put on display in a special event zone for the duration of the Fair.

JJA Jewellery Design Awards 2019

at 13:15-13:45, 28 August 2019

Room 2, 2F West Hall 1, Tokyo Big Sight

*Invitation only


JJA Jewellery Design Awards 2019 Fashion Show

at 14:00-15:30, 28 August 2019

Special Event Zone, 1F West Hall 1, Tokyo Big Sight

*The Opening Ceremony will be held at the beginning of the Fashion Show.

Grand Prize and Prime Minister’s Award / Craftsmanship Award

Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Award

Designer: Ms. Tomoko Kodera

Entered by: Kashikey Co., Ltd.

Production:NEWKOGEI Co., Ltd.

    • Title:「BLISS」
    • Description: Necklace・Pierced Earrings・Ring Set
    • Materials:K18WG/Diamond/Diamond 
  • Designer: Mr. Taiki Nishimura
  • Title:「Misteria」
  • Description: Necklace Materials:Pt900/Rubellite/Diamond・Pink Sapphire

Health, Labour and Welfare Minister's Award

Governor of Tokyo Award /
Platinum Guild International Award

  • Designer: Mr. Ittou Mishima
  • Production:Mr. Ittou Mishima
  • Title:「Sun Droplet」
  • Description: Broach・Ring Set
  • Materials:K18/Diamond
  • Designer: Ms. Rino Ishii
  • Entered by: NJ Corporation
  • Production:KOUBO Z
  • Title: 「Dia-glass」
  • Description: Fingerless Bangle
  • Materials:Pt900・Pt850/Diamond

Governor of Yamanashi Award

Mayor of Taito City Award

  • Designer: Ms. Miho Nakao
  • Title: 「~harmony~」
  • Description :Necklace

Materials: K18WG/Ruthenium Plating/Alexandrite/Diamond

  • Designer::Ms. Tamayo Matsumura
  • Title:「Hang a jewelry」
  • Description: :Necklace・Pierced Earrings Set
  • Materials::K18WG/Tourmaline/Diamond・Red spinel

Chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award
/Guest Judge’s Award

New Talent Grand Award/Japan Jewellery Designers Association President Award


  • Designer: Ms. Chisato Yamanaka
  • Entered by:TADA SHOTEN
  • Production:Mr. Takayuki Tada, Mr. Isamu Taniguchi
  • Title:「Sun in the water-Le soleil dons l'ew」
  • Description :Pendant
  • Materials:K18・Pt900・K18WG/Ruby /Citrine・Diamond
  • Designer: Mr. Kazunori Kodani
  • Production:Mr. Kazunori Kodani
  • Title: 「formation」
  • Description:Ring Set
  • Materials:SV950・Gold Plating/Smoky quartz・Synthetic Sapphire・Garnet・Blue topaz/CZ

Japan Pearl Promotion Society President Award

Japan Jewellery Fair Award

  • Designer: Ms. Tomomi Sekido
  • Entered by:NAKAGOMI JEWELLERY Co., Ltd.
  • Production:Mr. Masahito Dobashi
  • Title: 「Ice cascade」
  • Description:Necklace・Pierced Earrings Set
  • Materials:/K18WG/Akoya Pearl/Diamond
  • Designer: Ms. Kotone Yanagi
  • Production:Ms. Kotone Yanagi
  • Title: 「Minamo」
  • Description:Necklace
  • Materials:Vinyl chloride・SV850/ Quartz/Agate・Rose quartz・Glass・Quartz