JJF VOICE Vol.3 – Arts and Crafts Company Ltd

Interview of Teishin Yoshida,
the Director of Arts and Crafts Company Ltd

rts and Crafts Company Ltd., entered the jewelry industry as a manufacturing and retail company in 2014. Bridal jewelry brand calls "ith" is significantly increasing the number of stores by taking advantage of taylor-made from beginning to end and it helps to deepen the relationship with customers through their products.
The company has gathering up a group of members who originally from in advertising, consulting and IT fields which is unusual in the jewelry industry. Advancing into the field of producing various businesses, with the idea of contributing to manufacturing. Mr. Yoshida continues to create a new value in order to harmonize manufacturing and technology under the name of “Arts and Crafts”.

―You originally had experience of working in another industry. How did you end up with joining this industry? And what is the key to success in this fields?

Considering our business theme for starting up the business with current founding members, we seek for something which express personal thoughts and opinion using new technology in which anyone in the world can connect and transmit information without no boundary. At that time, I heard stories about Jewellery industry which is known for the place to “express one’s thought”. In addition, this industry itself has beem carried out the business globally. I felt it was worth to put myself in this world. People outside the industry find it difficult to get information in the jewelry industry and that barriers to entry are quite high was an important factor for us to decide for joining this industry.
Our board members are from the advertising and IT industries, and we have been promoting the business while successfully coordinating and cooperating with professionals in Jewellery and different fields. Knowing a theory of the industry, looking at it from a completely different perspective of views create a new business model. The practice of theory is essential for creating new opportunity. Because of combining both common sense and new sense, we have made a progress so far.

―What are your most significant achievements since the company’s inception?

While improving our bridal jewellery brand, we were able to acquire and expertise to create customer experience value and the manufacturing system. We are also confident that people with diverse personalities, such as professionals in the jewellery industry and professionals in other industries, will get together and work to see the same picture for achieving the goals. Our ideals of individuality and diversity can create value. We believe that these experiences will be a great asset for future business development in the next 5-10 years.
There is a plan to develop new stores and products that make use of the “ith” brand asset that we have gained through our business experience, as well as brand expertise (branding, IT / SNS utilization methods, employee education / training, etc.) We hope to contribute to the jewelry industry by proactively promoting it to other businesses.

―Please share with us five lessons you’ve learned in the business.

Better get to know the theory of the Jewellery industry

It is not only limited to the jewelry industry, I think it is important to get a good understanding of the industry and the ways of thinking of people with careful observation. To see what people in the industry care about most, and what they see as a problem, is to get a hint to think about what we could do for giving a solution.

2.Get an insight of history

It is very important to learn and understand the brands and products in a long Jewellery history and gives a certain positioning and meaning to the product materials such as pearls and diamonds. That is because jewellery itself has value only when it is given their "meaning." By understanding this, we believe that it will give us a clue as to how to express and carry the meaning and value of the brand and product in front of us.

3.Having a doubt to its industry from a different perspective of views

Because jewellery industry has a long history, sometimes we need to thinkg about the fact from a different point of views. And we can find out what is a better solution. Even in areas where people in the industry do not put value on it, changing the way to see things may increase value or create new value.

4.Understanding it society and context

To understand how the world's trends and people's values are changing is important to make decisions. “ith” has set the brand identity based on the trend changing from the entire to the individual, and formal to casual. Life has always had ups and downs. Deciding what to do and what not to do while determining the direction of the big wind is important.

5.Be Honest

It is valued most to be honest with customers, business partners, and society as a person involved in this industry.

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Written by:HIROMI Sakurai
 (Informa Markets Japan Co Ltd)

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