JJF VOICE Vol.2 – SATOUMI tourism council

Interview of Yuichi Nakamura,
a secretary general of the SATOUMI tourism council

hima has been blessed with rich marine products and calls as “Miketsukuni” for a long time. In addition, the place is well known for the birthplace of the pearl farming industry and ama fishing are also recognized as “Japan Agricultural Heritage”. The entire area of Shima City is designated as Ise Shima National Park. You could see a breathtaking view from the Rias coast where the pearl raft floats. As a venue for the G7 Summit in 2016, Shima City is known for its name to worldwide. In the coming year of 2021, it has been decided to be the host for the Pacific and Island Summits. Mie's pearl traders have stated that they would like to share pearls as a "sustainable gem" in the summits.

Photo) YUICHI NAKAMURA a secretary general of the Satoumi tourism council

Mr. Nakamura, a secretary general of the Satoumihaku Project Promotion Council, the vice chairman of the Mie Prefecture Pearl Promotion Council and representative of PJ Nakamura International, has been working to carry a correct information of pearl and educate people who are interested in Japan pearl. We, as Informa Markets Japan, also had a chance to join the Ise Shima pearl experience tour at the end of 2019 and were able to visit the farm and deepen our knowledge about pearls.Through this interview, we ask him about his efforts to revitalize the region in pearl and thoughts on those activities.

―What do you value most in order to appeal the “Japan Pearl” to the world?

Pearls are said to be the oldest gem in the world. Unlike other gems, it is beautiful without polishing. From the natural pearls to the cultivated pearl era, some have even argued that cultured pearls look down on natural pearls. However, we should know how do people support the many processes hidden behind their back to grow a single beautiful pearl and their environment. I believe that my mission is to share the story and charm of the Japan pearl which is created by rich in natural resource and effort of humans.
Japan Pearl Pavilion at Hong Kong fair is the most crowded pavilion with entire hall. What people attract most of Japan Akoya Pearl its shine and clarity. Akoya pearls with slightly pink overtones are beautifully attracted for buyers from all over the world. Japan products are known as its top quality, competitive price and flexibility. we got good reputation with a trust by our tradition and experience. I could say there are major differences in quality, size and accuracy compared to other countries. We do our best to keep disclosing accurate information of products and doing trustworthy business.

―Many buyers would like to get more knowledge about Japanese pearls. Are there any further educational seminars upcoming in the future?

As for the seminars, the Japan Pearl Promotion Association, a member of the pearl test are actively conducting seminars at exhibitions. In addition, the Japan Pearl Export Association also conducts seminars at Hong Kong fair. As part of our activities, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has held seminars and shellfish experience sessions for two consecutive years. We also use the event space of Mie Terrace, an antenna shop in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, several times a year to give the same experience to public. We are planning to continue these activities in 2020.
We are still preparing various projects in anticipation of the increased inbound demand and overseas markets. Once the situation get better, we hope to continue our activities and it is surely believed to bring smile to everyone who related with us.


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Written by:HIROMI Sakurai
 (Informa Markets Japan Co Ltd)

SATOUMI tourism council