Interview of Kengo Kajita,
the president of KAJITA Co Ltd

Photo)President KENGO KAJITA

KAJITA Co Ltd whose name is know for colored gemstone Jewellery, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. In 1920, KAJITA Shoten, the predecessor of KAJITA, was opened its first store in Asakusa. Since the word of Jewellery was unfamiliar at the time, they carried colored stone Jewellery. Since 1961, when the import of natural gemstones was liberalized, they fly all around the world in search of the best gemstones, constantly improving their skills at identifying these precious gems. They have built up their career in the Jewellery industry ever since.

Mr. Kengo says that he wants to be flexible with any situation at any time. They prioritize “quality of trust” and “the delivery of the best products”. In this interview, Kengo Kajita talks about their foray into design, their unique Jewellery products, and their growth outlook for 2020.

Photo)Kajita Shoten at Kuramae

JJF: What is your reason for partnering with our fair since its inception?

Kengo: We think the most important thing is to keep going. There are always good and bad aspects of business that we see in different moments. However, it is our mission to meet customer requests while time is on our side. It never crossed our mind to abandon the fair. There are a lot of quality buyers who always look for new products and unique designs with passion. Some of them have known us for a long time but never had a business before. In addition, it is their first time to make a deal with us. We take this opportunity as the best platform to meet and start businesses with quality buyers. This is the best domestic fair from that point of view.

Left)Representative Director and Chairman YUKIO KAJITA   Right) President KENGO KAJITA

JJF: What sets your company apart from everyone else?

Kengo: there is no manual how to use and select gemstones, We as KAJITA Co Ltd have our own standards called “KAJITA QUALITY”. We have our own criteria for choosing gemstones. Based on the stone we determine which is the best to bring out the colour and the beauty. “Each stone will have features that attracts different people” says Kizuka, a buyer in his 70’s, the oldest in the company. The time we spend to check the quality of each stone set us apart from other company.

Left)Representative Director and Chairman YUKIO KAJITA   Middle) President KENGO KAJITA      Right)   TETSUYA TOYODA

JJF: What is your growth outlook for 2020?

Kengo: At the age of 41, it is an unlucky age in Japan. However, when I saw the zodiac horoscope in Singapore at the beginning of this year, the year of the sheep was selected as the most successful zodiac in 2020. Our 100th anniversary marks the start of my presidency. I look forward to taking an new challenges with fresh mindset and agile way.

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Written by:HIROMI Sakurai
(Informa Markets Japan Co Ltd)